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Looking for a local contractor?

I am frequently asked about local contractors by friends and clients who are considering home remodel projects. If you are looking for a contractor I recommend those listed below. These are people I have personally used in my own home or whom I have recommended to clients.

Questions about the projects that will add the greatest value to your home? Give me a call at (757) 254-6678 and I would be happy to talk with you about the projects you are considering and the potential return on your investment.

Local Contractors

Plumber: Grimsley Plumbing (757) 329-6904

Electrician: Gault Electric (757) 220-3300 or K&K Electric (757) 903-6969

Drywall/Sheetrock: Darrell Mitchel (757) 503-5024

Roofing: Streamline Roofing (757) 585-4362

Termite/Moisture: Emergency Pest Control (757) 898-3237

Painter: Kevin Murphy (757) 325-0099