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News and Events Holiday Events in Williamsburg VA 2023 Holiday Events near Williamsburg VA Below are just a few of the many holiday events occurring in the Williamsburg VA area. If you live in Williamsburg, or are just visiting, I recommend you take some time to enjoy them. It’s truly a wonderful time to be in Williamsburg VA! Grand Illumination & Fireworks in […]
Home Remodel Return on investment for home remodeling projects Many homeowners are staying in their home longer than anticipated due to higher interest rates and have decided to update or renovate until they are able to sell. As a result, many homeowners want to improve their home’s value but want to make sure that they will eventually get a good return on their investment. […]
News and Events My favorite recipe – Dr. Pepper Hamburgers! For those who may be wondering what this article has to do with real estate – my answer is “I’m not really sure”! I just thought it would be fun to share something other than real estate information. I don’t cook often, but when I do I have a few favorite recipes that I like […]
News and Events Enjoy Live Music in the Williamsburg, VA area at Billsburg Brewery, Indian Fields, Tavern, Virginia Beer Company and more! One of the things I enjoy the most about living in Williamsburg VA is that you can enjoy live music on just about any day of the week. Below is a short list of live music events in the Williamsburg VA area for the month of September. If you haven’t listened to these bands or […]
News and Events Powhatan Secondary Yard Sale Saturday, August 5th My family and have lived in Powhatan Secondary for over 20 years and we have enjoyed the neighborhood events and the way that the community comes together. If you, or someone you know, love to shop at yard sales then you will want to stop by and check out all of the great things for […]
Home Remodel Considering a Home Renovation Project? If Spring has you thinking about home renovation projects – I can help! As a Realtor, I frequently recommend local contractors to assist my clients with home remodeling projects. I have created a vendor page on my website with the contact information for local contractors whom I have used and personally recommend. Simply click on […]
News and Events Your Neighborhood Realtor in Powhatan Secondary My family and I have been fortunate to call Powhatan Secondary home for over 20 years. We have made great friends, watched our children grow, and have enjoyed all that this neighborhood has to offer. If you have any real estate related questions related to home remodeling project, service providers, or even if you just […]
Home Remodel Home Repairs and Maintenance Whether you are doing mandatory maintenance on your home, or you are fixing things up to enjoy or get ready to sell, home repairs and maintenance costs can add up quickly. You can click here to read an article I ready on CNBC that has some good tips on how to keep those costs as […]
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News and Events Williamsburg Real Estate Market Update for 2022 and a Few Thoughts on 2023 Below is the annual letter that I send to my clients with an update on the previous year and what I feel we will see in the Williamsburg area for the upcoming year. If you have specific questions on the local real estate market, please feel free to call/text me at (757) 254-6678 or email […]
News and Events Holiday Lights in Williamsburg VA If you want to get into the holiday spirit, I highly recommend that you check out the holiday lights tour in Williamsburg VA. I followed the link below and saw some beautiful holiday light displays in Villages of Westminster, The Meadows, Settlers Mill, and my favorite was Village Square where they had a theme througout […]
Home Remodel Looking for a local contractor? I am frequently asked about local contractors by friends and clients who are considering home remodel projects. If you are looking for a contractor I recommend those listed below. These are people I have personally used in my own home or whom I have recommended to clients. Questions about the projects that will add the […]
News and Events Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge – Saturday, October 23rd As many of you know, I was introduced to mountain biking when I moved to Williamsburg 20+ years ago and I have been involved in many events over the years. One of the events that I have always enjoyed, and am proud to sponsor, is the Tidewater Mountain Bike Challenge held annually across from York […]
News and Events Colonial Revolution Mountain Bike Club If you have children between the ages of 8-18 who love the outdoors, then you may want to introduce them to the Colonial Revolution Mountain Bike Club. I have been a sponsor of this club for several years because of my personal love for mountain biking, but also because they help children of all ages […]