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Cars for Chris at the Williamsburg Airport

I am proud to be a sponsor of the Cars for Chris event taking place at the Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport on Saturday, June 22nd from 9a-1p. This event supports the Christopher King Foundation efforts to promote safe driving initiatives among youth. Please consider coming out to support this great event.

Here’s a message from Christy and Scott King who lost their son, Christopher, in a car crash caused by reckless driving:

Since last year’s Cars for Chris car show, we have made significant strides in our efforts to raise awareness and educate communities about the importance of safe driving. Through partnerships with organizations such as Drive Safe Hampton Roads, YOVASO, Drive Smart Virginia, DMV, the Conner Gweedo Memorial Foundation, and VDDC (Victims of Distracted Driving), we have gained valuable resources and expanded our reach to even more individuals. 

One of our proudest achievements has been the development of our own outreach programs, which now extend to high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and even preschools. We firmly believe that by starting young and consistently reinforcing the message of buckling up and the dangers of distracted driving, we can effect positive change and save lives.   

In addition to our local efforts, we are also actively advocating for road safety policies and accountability on a broader scale. We will be joining other Victims of Distracted Driving in Washington, D.C., on Capitol Hill to emphasize the importance of prioritizing road safety and saving lives through legislative action.  

Furthermore, our participation in various training conferences has enabled us to share Christopher’s story, learn about the latest traffic statistics, and network with like-minded agencies. These experiences have been invaluable in enhancing our knowledge and expanding our impact in the field of road safety. 

Together, we are making a difference and creating a safer future for all drivers. We look forward to continuing our journey together and achieving even greater milestones in the fight against distracted driving. 

Christy and Scott