Market Update

Market Update Mid-Year Real Estate Market Update   It’s hard to believe that 2023 is more than half over. We will be in the midst of the holiday season before we know it! For those who are watching the housing market closely and trying to determine whether or not they want to buy or sell before year’s end, I am sharing a […]
Market Update What’s My Home Worth? It’s easy to understand why today’s consumer might have conflicting thoughts about the housing market. With a variety of stories in the news, it can be very difficult to decide if this is – or is not – a good time to sell your home. As I have always said “real estate is local” and […]
Market Update Spring Real Estate Market in Williamsburg Virginia The traditional Spring real estate market is not so “traditional” any more. The inventory shortage of the past couple of years has changed the spring real estate market and this year is no different. Because sellers are not wanting to sell for a variety of reasons, there are fewer homes available to purchase and we […]
Market Update Interest Rates or Supply of Inventory – What Matters Most? The debate rages…are higher mortgage rates hurting demand; causing prices to drop? How can prices drop with supply still well below demand (Econ 101). These are two different aspects both with different implications on buyers. Higher rates are impacting buyers, significantly. A year ago, a buyer bowering wanting a payment around $1,800 a month could […]
Market Update Mid-Year Market Update Given the fact that housing sales and mortgage rates are in the headlines on almost a daily basis, I thought it would be helpful to provide a mid-year market update. Real estate is local – and the information you use to make decisions about buying or selling a home should be local as well. One […]
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